Sweet Potato, Indeed

Yet again, I lost a face mask, I told my husband as I handed him the celery I’d bought for his homemade chicken soup.

I was looking forward to taking a seat and showing him the quirky scene I’d just photographed outside our building: a lone sweet potato sitting just off the curb.

Apropos of nothing, a sweet potato.

Mind you, I’d just detoured to Whole Foods on my way back from a walk with friends, and this was after a practice 5K run with my husband. (Lunch and a snack might have occurred in between.)

“That’s a $30 mask!” he protested when I reported the loss.

Shamed, I donned a disposable mask, rode the elevator down and went outside, determined to retrace my steps.

I didn’t have to go far. There, next to the sweet potato, was my mask.

I love you, sweet potato. It’s not your fault I’m easily distracted.

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