Creativity Now!

I swiped the title of this piece from George Costanza’s father, Frank, of TV’s “Seinfeld,” who’d end his ridiculous shouting matches with wife Estelle by throwing his hands in the air and shouting, “Serenity now!” Maybe the “serenity” part had started as a soothing mantra, but these were the hilariously batty and antagonistic Costanzas, so no serenity for them.




I mention this because for the past several days I’ve been trying to work in some “creativity time,” by which I mean writing something. It’s not like I commute 90 minuets to work each way to support us (that would be my husband) or have yoga class to teach and take (both canceled this week) or housework to do (squint and the place looks fine). This was going to be my Week to Write.

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