But seriously, folks …

I know I’ve billed this blog as “the lighter side of brain injury,” but sometimes I worry that I’m giving TBI a good name. Living with brain trauma isn’t as much fun as my posts may have been making it sound.

So let me be clear (as the politicians say): A lot of the time, it sucks. And I’m one of the very, very lucky ones.

It’s just that it’s in my nature to play down the negative and see the humor in things. (Thank God my sense of humor didn’t get lost in the car crash with my recent memories, mathematical ability, spacial and directional sense, etc.)

So, what was I writing about? Oh, yes, the sucky side of brain injury. Well, dang it. So many TBI patients have it so much worse. I’ve seen the blogs. I’ve read the articles. My neurologist considers me a miracle. I am. Shut up, brain.

I’ll try this again. Today I didn’t wake up until almost 12:30 p.m., and I felt like what I recall being hungover feels like. Well, of course. Yesterday I had allowed my senses to get overloaded. After yoga, a group of us had met for lunch to celebrate a classmate who’s finishing up rehab from a quadruple bypass he had in November. Our yoga class is like a big family, and we were all eager to welcome him back into the fold.

But the restaurant was a sports bar. Loud music, numerous screens showing sports events, and multiple conversations with multiple groups of friends proved to be too much. I had a good time, but to survive I took two breaks and kind of zoned out for awhile (on purpose).

So I was bummed out today after finally having my cereal, coffee and newspapers (plus social media, of course). By then it was midafternoon.

Just then, I heard the little clicking sound on my phone that meant I’d gotten a text. It was my “little” brother. (He’s 42!) “Just wanted to say hi. It occurred to me that I may not have told you I’ve been keeping up with your blog. Well, now I have.”

Life is good. No joke.

2 thoughts on “But seriously, folks …

  1. Thanks Lisa. I read your article just in time, as I am dealing with some challenges of my own. Sending you lots of Aloha from hot Honolulu =)

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