New Friends

Meet Peekaboo, the little snowman expertly crafted by nursing aide Barbara (taking photo in pic) out of powdery snow.

My friend Helen and I were walking in the garden at her senior residence, The Mather, when we met Barbara and her charge, Trudy, as Barbara was starting construction.

Barbara snaps a shot of Peekaboo and Trudy as Helen looks on.

I tried to help but couldn’t get the snow to stick. “I’m from Poland,” Barbara said, explaining her skill with snowcraft and promising to build a full-size snowman when conditions are right.

Trudy, who lives in the memory-care, section of The Mather, was delighted, especially as someone from the Deep South who never got to play in the snow.

We all had a great conversation, though Trudy and I kept having to be reminded of each other’s names.

Afterward, Barbara mentioned that the day had provided a great activity for Trudy.

For this not-yet-senior, who increasingly struggles with names and longs to meet more people in her new city, it was a great activity for me, too.

Peekaboo and Trudy

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